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Atlet-atlet Profesional dengan ACL Double Bundle
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Testimoni atlet profesional pasca operasi Ligamen
Christian Lenglolo, SoccerTendangan saya lebih baik dengan lutut yang telah dioperasi.

Christian Lenglolo, Soccer
Bruno, SoccerSetelah operasi saya kembali kompetisi di club papan atas.

Bruno, Soccer

Testimoni pasien pasca operasi Total Knee Arthroplasty
Dewi A. Rais AbinSaya kira saya tidak keliru mengikuti anjuran Dr. Andre Pontoh untuk menjalani operasi ganti tempurung lutut karena saya sekarang bebas dari rasa sakit. Saya kira operasi serupa bermanfaat bagi para manula yang masih cukup aktif.

Dewi A. Rais Abin, 76 tahun, Jakarta
Nelly Petronella Tiranda Saya menderita sakit lutut sejak th 1998. Pada tahun 2000 saya menjalani operasi HTO. Tetapi hasilnya kaki saya malah menjadi X, lutut pun semakin nyeri jika dipakai berjalan.
Setelah itu saya mencoba mendatangi dokter bahkan banyak profesor yg ada di Indonesia, tetapi semuanya 'menyerah' utk memperbaiki kaki saya. Sampai akhirnya Th 2009 saya menemukan dr. Andre Pontoh. Tgl 25 maret 2009 saya di operasi oleh dr Andre Pontoh, hasilnya Puji Tuhan kaki saya sekarang sudah lurus & saya sudah bisa berjalan normal kembali.

Nelly Petronella Tiranda, 74 tahun, Malang
Roger Falkner For several years now the condition of my knee joints has deteriorated to the point where walking was painful and going up/down stairs was agony. A Google search found me the Jakarta Knee & Shoulder center and I made an appointment to see Dr. Andre on June 13th 2012. After the initial consultation X-rays were taken of both knees, and even to me it was clear from those x-rays that things were not good. More discussion and it was agreed that I needed to have total knee reconstruction. Dr. Andre outlined the procedure, the required follow-up physio and we scheduled the operation on my left knee (which was in the worst condition) for Thursday 28th June 2012.
Saw Dr. Andre on Saturday 30th June 2012, he assured me that the operation had gone well and that I could go home on Sunday 1st July 2012. Left the hospital with a 4 legged Walker Frame and as advised, I started exercising the leg muscles and the new joints by taking a few short steps, rest awhile and do it again and again. On Wednesday 4th July 2012 I was able to walk about 40 paces without the walker (and no pain) take a sit down break and then repeat it again a few more times during the day.
The picture of me above was taken on the 13th July 2012, stitches just taken out, leg looks and feels good and I am walking (albeit slowly) without the walker. Each day sees improvement, and the plan is that around about December 2012 we will do my right knee. Let me assure anyone reading this that from Dr. Andre, his staff and all the nurses etc that I was in contact with during my stay at RS. Pondok Indah you will get top quality professional treatment and service.
If you want to know more about my experience then contact me at

Roger Falkner

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    80 thn, Bandung

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    65 thn, Cirebon

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    64 thn, Pontianak

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    N/A, Semarang

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    N/A, Rembang

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    64 thn, Jakarta

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    66 thn, Padang

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    N/A, Medan

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    N/A, American

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    N/A, Makassar
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